Equine Massage

~Initial Massage:  $80 (includes paperwork, history, etc)

~Single horse follow up$75

~Group rate: >3 horses at same location $60 each (includes new clients)

BEMER PEMF therapy

BEMER PEMF therapy is used to help increase microcirculation in the capillaries. The number of positive effects are endless, but a few are listed below.

~Promotes lactic acid reduxtion after exercise

~Promotes relaxation before events such as ferrier or vet, or after exercise

~Improves performance and suppleness

~Speeds up recovery after injury or surgery

~improves sleep

~decrease arthritis pain

Equine $45/session    Human $30/session

Packages available which may be used on multiple horses or humans, but each horse or human is a separate session whether done on same day or not. There are contraindications to BEMER services for humans such as if you have an implanted device, a cardiac condition, or take a beta-blocker. Please let Jessica know if you have any of these.

If you have any questions, please contact me or go to

I am a BEMER distributor, so if you are thinking of purchasing a set for yourself, please contact me.

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Dressage Horse

Saddle fitting

~Saddle fitting assistance only (no massage): $40

*I am not a certified saddle fitter yet- in training

~Assistance with custom saddle molding: $20

Scheduling and Payment


To Schedule: call/text 717-519-9636 or send me a

message on Facebook


~Travel Fee $20 for 50 miles from 19560




** PEC members $10 off any service with mention of this ad-one time use only

Gift Certificates available