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Equine Massage

~Initial Massage $80 (includes paperwork, history, etc)

~Single horse follow up $75

Saddle fitting

~Saddle fitting: $125 Static and dynamic evaluation-both must be done for complete evaluation. Fitting includes symmetry evaluation, movement evaluation, tracings, and in depth discussion about saddles for your horse.

~Follow up saddle fitting (w/in 6 mos of initial) $75

~ Touch up flocking $75 

~ Total reflock $300 +

~ Conversion to wool flocked panels: $300 +

(Conversion does not guarantee that the saddle will fit the same as previously, or that the saddle panels will accept the wool) 


Western and English any brand

Dressage for trail/endurance

western saddle.jpeg

BEMER PEMF for horses

BEMER PEMF therapy is used to help increase microcirculation in the capillaries. The number of positive effects are endless, but a few are listed below. 

~Promotes lactic acid reduction after exercise 

~Promotes relaxation before events such as farrier or vet, or after exercise 

~Improves performance and suppleness 

~Speeds up recovery after injury or surgery  

~decrease arthritis pain 

Equine $45/session 

If you have any questions, please contact me or go to 

Scheduling and Payment


To Schedule: call/text 717-519-9636

-facebook messenger not reliable-

~Travel Fee for > 50 miles from 19560 $0.65/mile


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